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Greenville SC run coaching analysis Apr13th 2023

The Soggy Sock: Top 3 Things That Make Up Your Base

Written by Christina Schultz The base of your fitness is arguably the most important component of your training cycle but what does that mean? It should give you the tools that you need for a successful training cycle ahead. Here are my top 3 components for developing a base of fitness for the endurance athlete.

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Navigating pain as a runner Mar30th 2023

The Soggy Sock: Navigating Pain as a Runner

Written by Christina Schultz Even if you are doing everything right, aches and pains will still come at some point in your training. It’s just part of the territory. It’s important that we keep in mind that pain does not equal damage. Certainly, it can be a warning signal- that’s what it’s intended to be,

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Mar2nd 2023

The Soggy Sock: Speed Play

Written by Christina Schultz We’re all guilty of taking running too seriously- too stringent on the numbers (pace, distance, time) in an attempt to make it make sense. Don’t get me wrong, the numbers are important for injury prevention, tracking progress, and ensuring full race prep. However, a lot of running and racing is not

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