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building training base in Greenville SC May9th 2023

The Soggy Sock: Building From The Base

Written by Christina Schultz In our last newsletter, we discussed building a base for your training. This is your foundation for the rest of your season, cycle, or year. Generally speaking, no matter what is being built, the foundation itself won’t be distinct enough for you to know what is going to be built there.

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Cross Country Trail Running May3rd 2023

Cross Country Runner with Shortness of Breath (Vocal Cord Dysfunction)

I had the opportunity to work with a 15-year-old, male cross country runner in the fall of 2019 who was experiencing pre-syncope toward the end of his races. Pre-syncope is the medical diagnosis that means he was on the verge of fainting. With less than a half mile to go, he described his vision as

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Greenville SC run coaching analysis Apr13th 2023

The Soggy Sock: Top 3 Things That Make Up Your Base

Written by Christina Schultz The base of your fitness is arguably the most important component of your training cycle but what does that mean? It should give you the tools that you need for a successful training cycle ahead. Here are my top 3 components for developing a base of fitness for the endurance athlete.

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