Insurance Info

3 Reasons why you should choose an out-of-network physical therapy facility

  1. Time
  2. Communication
  3. Results


We provide 60-minute per sessions in a 1-1 with your physical therapist; no techs, no aides, just you and your PT.

More time with your PT = fewer visits needed

Less time coming into the clinic is more time you have for the other aspects of your life, all while getting the results you want.


As an out-of-network facility, we don’t have to see the typical 12-20 people a day. This allows us the opportunity to spend more time with you and time to communicate with your physicians, coaches, trainers, and anyone else on your healthcare team on the same page.


More time + more individualization to you = better results.

Our freedom from insurance allows us to treat you how we best see fit. This means we aren’t just putting an icebag or heating pad on you, running you through a few cookie-cutter exercises and calling it a day.

Instead, we take the time to plan out each session so we can progress you in a systematic way that not only gets you back into the activities you love, but gets you back into those activities with less pain.

Insurance may seem like the “easy” or “convenient” route when thinking about PT. But it may actually cost you more time, energy, and even money in the long run.

At Zone Physical Therapy we do things differently to benefit you and get you back into the activities you love pain-free.

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Zone Physical Therapy is a self-pay physical therapy practice (we are able to see beneficiaries of Medicare insurance plans at this time). Therefore, we will not bill your insurance company. Payment in full is collected at the time of service. 

Upon request, an itemized bill (“superbill”) can be generated for a client, and the client is then responsible for submitting this superbill for reimbursement or credit towards their deductible or out-of-pocket max.

Because our services are provided by licensed physical therapists and most insurance companies provide some level of reimbursement for our services. Many clients choose to pay using FSA/HSA dollars. However, please note we can not guarantee reimbursement. Please understand that it is the responsibility of the individual client to verify insurance benefits and submit all claims for reimbursement.

Our staff is happy to help you through this process and answer any of your questions. Additionally, we offer a private pay plan. Please contact Zone Physical Therapy today for more information on our fees for service and payment details.