Video Testimonials from Clients of Zone Physical Therapy

We help to keep you in the game with our wide range of recovery and training programs. From arm care to helping manage shoulder and elbow pain, to everything in between, we are here to get you back on track with your active lifestyle.

Hear first-hand testimonials from some of our incredible clients why they chose Zone and how we help them live pain-free.

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“I am 70 years old and have been running for 40 years. I have had numerous injuries and have seen a number of physical therapists. I have never had anyone who’s been so compassionate and kind. His goal is to get me well and running again, but without putting me through pain, He is not a physical terrorist but a true physical therapist. He is the best, so if you’re having pain and want relief and the chance to return to your desired activities, go to Scott Kaylor at Zone PT.”

Tommy Y.

“I have been living with chronic back pain for a very long time. It seemed like no one knew what was wrong or how to fix it. After a long journey and nearly at a point of giving up, I was prescribed PT yet again. I had already been through PT with zero results. Instead of dismissing it, I decided to give it one more try. Very thankful that I did. Scott was able to figure out the issue, explain it to me, and now we are working to resolve it. This is the first time I have ever felt relief from my symptoms. The more I do the things he teaches the better I feel. Thanks so much! Highly recommended!”

Colleen R.

“Scott Kaylor, PT, DPT, SCS at Zone Physical Therapy is the best. My 16 year-old son is a varsity baseball player who was experiencing elbow pain with throwing. Through an individualized plan, he is now throwing pain-free. My son now has interest in possibly pursuing physical therapy because of the results he got with Scott. Don’t mess around with pain and mobility issues call him today!”

Julie B.

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