3D Running Analysis

3D running analysis is a key component of our evaluation of all runners, not just elite runners. All ability levels of runners can benefit from a deep dive into their running form to take their performance to the next level or to overcome an injury.

We are dedicated to creating one of the best running labs in the southeast! As fellow runners, our mission is to keep runners running.

Benefits of 3D Running Analysis

  • It highlights your running form in real time.
  • It allows us to identify any area of your running that may be contributing to your pain, compensations in your running due to pain, or where you may be leaking energy that could be translated into faster running times.
  • You can’t hide from your 3D running analysis. It allows us to show you what you can’t always feel is happening!
  • Once we identify one or two key areas to focus on we’re off to the races toward your best running performances.

The RunDNA App

  • This app is our hub for getting you your training plan, accessing your individualized exercise and running drill plan, monitoring your workload, and where you can makes notes to communicate with your coach.
  • Your running analyses are stored in the app for you to reference. You will see both a written report and your 3D video within your assessment section of the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

  • We utilize a 3D camera system with reflective markers that are placed at specific points on the runner for the camera to pick up to generate a 3D video and report.
  • The report provides general running characteristics, such as running gait classification, cadence (i.e., strides/min), & vertical oscillation, as well as detailed measurements of the foot, ankle, knee, hip, pelvis, and trunk at each phase of the running cycle: initial contact, mid-stance, late stance, and swing phase.

Who would benefit from a 3D running analysis?

  • Anyone who wants to include running as a regular part of their exercise program!
  • It is great for newer runners to establish a good baseline and learn targeted drills and exercises to stay healthy.
  • It is perfect for any runner who is progressing into a new distance. For example, someone preparing for their first 5k, 10k, half-marathon, marathon, or ultra-distance events. This includes triathletes moving into a new distance race.
  • Definitely, anyone who has struggled with running-related injuries should seriously consider coming in for their running assessment!

How long is an appointment?

  • It depends! We have 60-minute and 90-minute appointment times available depending on what you are looking for.
    • 60-min appointments are typically for runners who are currently dealing with an injury. Since most injuries will require more than one visit to ensure a great outcome the performance assessments will be completed when it is safe to do so in the rehabilitation process.
    • 90-min appointments are typically for runners who are not currently injured so this appointment includes a detailed discussion on a training plan in addition to the movement and running assessments.

How many times should I be assessed with a 3D gait analysis?

  • The number of analyses depends on your needs and goals
  • We believe in assessing, not guessing!
  • We will utilize it more frequently for our runners who are coming off of an injury, so that may be every few weeks as part of your treatment plan.
  • We recommend every 4-6 week check-ins during your race prep to be able to progress your running program (if we’re the ones coaching you) and exercise program to make sure you’re staying healthy and performing at your best.

Zone Physical Therapy Running Membership

Join our Running Membership designed for the recreational runner who is interested in improving running efficiencies.

You’ll get:

  • Two 3D running analyses over a 12-month period in our running lab with a member of our team.
  • Access to our RunDNA app
  • Quarterly webinars on specific running-related topics, like best training practices, race strategy, race fueling, etc.
  • Be the first to know when we announce special events.
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