DeAnna B.

May22nd 2020

After 6+ years in competitive gymnastics, my daughter had to have arthroscopic knee surgery earlier this year. Follow-up treatment was a “generic” physical therapy program, from which she was released after only a few weeks, without a long-term plan in place.

Unfortunately, as she began to return to more intense physical activity, she began having other issues with her ankles and shins – all an extension of what had happened with her knee. Fortunately, we were referred to Scott at Zoan Physical Therapy for evaluation. Both my daughter and I have been very pleased with Scott’s approach. He is extremely knowledgable and his approach is treating my daughter’s overall health and well-being in a much more individualized way, with long term goals in mind. I feel like he is much more cutting-edge in his methods and philosophies. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in healing, or just improving, their overall physical performance.