Dan S.

May22nd 2020

I’m a retired business executive and an avid golfer and scuba diver. I have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, and in recent months have experienced severe back pains. The pains were severe enough that I have had to leave the golf course mid-round, to significantly reduce the number of rounds I play, and had even led me to question if – or how much longer – I’d be able to play at all. Three rounds of Epidural Steroid Injections had done little to improve the situation. Working with Scott at Zoan Physical Therapy, my back pains have improved tremendously over a fairly brief period and have allowed me to return to my 3-times-per-week golf routine. Zoan/Scott have helped give me back not only my golf hobby, but the camaraderie with my friends and the social connections for my wife and I that come along with my golf and country club involvement.